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How to buy a house in Spain if you are a foreigner

Sitges has a special charm … the climate, the excellent quality of life it offers, its proximity to Barcelona and El Prat airport … Perhaps for all this it is the ideal place to reside for many foreigners.

In Sitgeshouses we received many inquiries about the purchase of properties by people not resident in Spain. With this article we will briefly explain the steps to follow, it is simple if you are accompanied by professionals throughout the process.
Requirements for a foreigner to buy a flat in Spain:

1.- You must have an NIE (identification number of foreigners). In Sitgeshouses we take care of carrying out this procedure if you wish, although you can request it from your country of origin through the consulate or the embassy, ​​indicating the reason for what is requested.

2.- Open a bank account in Spain, it is mandatory since the taxes derived from the purchase-sale of the property must be settled in Spain, also to pay for supplies. To open the account it will be necessary to present the NIE, the passport and an official document (translated into Spanish) that justifies the origin of the income as well as its solvency.

3.- Choose housing. It is not an easy task and residing abroad complicates it a little, the ideal is to put yourself in the hands of a qualified professional with a solid track record and extensive experience selling properties to foreign clients.
In Sitgeshouses we previously selected for our foreign clients the properties that best suit their interests and needs. Thanks to this previous work, when they decide to visit us, they quickly find the house they are looking for. We accompany you throughout the process, with the peace of mind that we speak several languages ​​and can explain in your own language any questions that may arise.


4.- Once the property to be acquired has been chosen, the next step is the signing of the Arras contract, the private contract between buyer and seller that formalizes the purchase-sale agreement of the property, delivering an agreed amount as a guarantee of who is going to make the purchase of the house

5.- The public deed of sale, which is made before a notary in order to formalize the purchase-sale of the house. The seller delivers all the documentation provided by current legislation on the house he sells and the documents certifying that he is up to date with tax payments and obligations. In this same act, the buyer will make the payment of the total amount of the property by bank check, or, in case of having requested a mortgage, a legal representative of the financial institution will come to formalize in the deed the mortgage credit that You have been awarded.
6.- Settling in the new home. After the purchase of the house, with our Relocation service everything will be easier. Count on us to hire the trusted professionals you need, such as domestic staff, management of administrative procedures, removals, procurement of supplies, school search for your children, insurance contracting … “

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