11 April 2018   |   by Sitgeshosues      

Buy or rent? Hard decision.

In Sitgeshouses we know well the current situation of the real estate market and, consequently, the advantages and disadvantages of  buying and renting a house.
Buying a home is, without doubt, more profitable than renting it given the cost of current rents, but it implies having savings that allow us to give entry and have the necessary solvency for the bank to grant us the mortgage. However, to rent a house it is not necessary to have savings or to “marry” the bank.
Before buying a house we must be aware that it is not profitable if, after a short time of buying it, we must move and sell it, in which case, the best option would be a rent.
Buying a house means total freedom to remodel it according to the needs of the owner, however this is more complicated in the case of a rental.
When buying a home what we are doing is, in reality, an investment since we have a property that we can sell or rent in the future becoming an important asset. On the contrary, the rent will never be an asset.
This is just a few brushstrokes about buying or renting a home, but to go deeper into the subject and make the best decision, do not hesitate to visit us, we are in La Bóvila 1 de Sitges. You can make an appointment by calling +34 610 111 999.

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