30 May 2018   |   by Sitgeshosues      

Tips for buying a second home

Acquiring a second property involves taking into account a series of procedures that are not always fulfilled and can lead to later problems.

Obviously it is very important to select well the house we want to buy, choose the right mortgage and assess all the logical aspects of any purchase, but beyond all this should know other points well check that the house has an energy certificate (mandatory since 2013 ) and a certificate of occupancy, as well as a formal contract of sale with all the correct clauses, well specified and drafted for a correct compliance with the law, gather all the relevant documentation …

Misinformation and lack of knowledge in the matter can end in a problem, that in future can not be sold.

In the case of such an important process and an economic transaction of great value, it is not convenient to risk, therefore, our recommendation is that you have the advice of specialists in the field. In Sitgeshouses, with an impeccable trajectory of more than 12 years in the real estate sector, we will be happy to help you, we will take care of all the procedures, we will advise you and accompany you throughout the process, guaranteeing a safe operation, without problems and without displeasure. Request a prior appointment to obtain all necessary information by calling +34 93 853 29 19 and do not take unnecessary risks.


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