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Attention sellers: How to get the most out of a visit

Selling or renting a house is not easy, there are hundreds of details that can help the person interested to decide on one property or another, here we explain some that, although it may not seem so, can be decisive when buying a home.

– Clean and neat. It seems obvious, but we insist on this point since a well-ordered and clean stay always seems wider. If we have also ventilated it, we will breathe a neutral odor, it is very unpleasant to enter a house impregnated with a closed odor.

– Natural light is undoubtedly a good ally. Raise the blinds so that sunlight enters, keep the curtains open during the visit so that the interior of the house is well lit and the sensation of greater amplitude.

– Pets and plants. Although they are charming, not everyone likes animals, for this reason we recommend avoiding the presence of pets at home when we receive the visit of potential buyers. However, if the plants are recommended, they provide comfort to the spaces and decorate in a neutral way, compatible with all styles.

– Avoid objects and personal details. Personal items such as clothes, brushes, towels, family photographs etc, do not contribute anything to the visit, just the opposite. It is interesting that the buyer sees himself living in the house, that he imagines it his, and all the personal objects that he sees play against this sensation. Therefore, we recommend that you remove the view of any personal object and, if possible, that the owner is not present during the visit as this also makes it difficult for the buyer to imagine living there. The ideal would be to leave the visit in the hands of professionals who during the visit encourage the buyer to feel at home.

In Sitgeshouses we have made thousands of successful visits, closing the best agreements for our clients. If you are thinking of selling, ask for information without commitment in our offices and discover everything we can do for you. Request an appointment by calling +34 93 853 29 19.



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