14 December 2017   |   by Sitgeshosues      

Why sign an exclusive contract with Sitgeshouses?

Selling a house is a very important transaction so selecting a real estate agency to carry out the entire sale process requires certain prior reflections, as if it is convenient to sign an exclusivity contract. For us the answer is clear, without doubt has many advantages for the seller.

1.- The commitment of the agency. Having an exclusive product implies a very large responsibility, so more efforts and resources will be allocated to formalize the sale than if the property is in various real estate agencies, in which case they all work “free” until one of them closes the sale and this is the only one that charges its fees. With the exclusive, there is no risk of working so that later the benefit is taken by another, since only the agency that will close the operation works so that the resources invested in the sale of the house will be greater and more effective since the recovery will be recovered investment when closing the operation.

 2.- Transparency. When the property is not sold exclusively, the agencies usually hide data so as not to give clues to competitors, such as the address of the property, even to be leery when it comes to teaching it. Having the property exclusively, there is no problem in publishing all the data that are necessary and show the property  without problems because no other agency will close the operation and the work will not have been in vain.

3.- A faster sale. Allocate more resources, dedicate more time, give more publicity … all this makes the operation close before.

4.- Trust. By entrusting the sale of the property to different agencies, it appears on the market with different prices. This is because each agency charges a different fee since for each agency the value of the property  is usually different, some even convince the owner to lower the price, undervaluing it, to sell it before the others. This often confuses the buyer and generates distrust, which hinders the sale. With an exclusive contract, the best price is agreed and it goes on sale with a single sale price.

5.- A single interlocutor. With the exclusive contract you will have a single interlocutor who will take care of everything, who will work for you and accompany you throughout the process, quickly resolving any mishap that may arise.

In short, an exclusive contract with Sitgeshouses guarantees the sale of your property at a market price within a reasonably short period of time according to the characteristics of the home, always protecting your interests and advising you at all times. Consult us without obligation, we will be happy to assist you in our office of La Bóvila 1 de Sitges, Tel. +34 610 111 999

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