13 August 2018   |   by Sitgeshosues      

Sitgeshouses launches new magazine

In Sitgeshouses we have always thought that knowledge does not take place, for this reason we are committed to the continuous training of our advisors and to keep abreast of everything related to the real estate sector: legislation, financing, procedures, subsidies… fundamental information to guarantee the success of any transaction.
In the same way that we are passionate about our work, we love Sitges. And the result of our two passions, the real estate world and Sitges, a new project has born: Sitgeshouses News. A small free magazine where we publish our knowledge for you, to help you make the right decisions, with practical tips that will optimize the result of buying, selling or renting a property, as well as issues related to Sitges, its social activity, events, photographies …
If you want more detailed information, fell free to contact us, we will gladly assist you at our office in La Bóvila 1, Sitges, Barcelona. You can make an appointment by calling +34 938 532 919.

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