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Infoguía magazine interviews Nuria Mir in its February 2018 edition

You have been in the Real Estate Sector for many years, with great experience behind you and also with success. What do you think has been the key?

In the first place , being of Sitges of all life, where my grandparents built their house in  Vinyet in the year 1935, which is where I live now, knowing the area, the owners facilitates things, my years as Physiotherapist in Los Camilos, of all my summers of youth etc, a network of acquaintances, friends, collaborators and especially having good contacts and quality is being woven. Although the key, as you say, is nothing more than hard work, being aware of everything, updating continuously, and being there whenever they look for you.

Throughout this journey you will have experienced the different ups and downs that the sector has suffered. How do you survive a crisis like the one we have suffered and even emerge stronger?

I started in December 2011, at the worst moment of the crisis, but because our customers are mostly foreigners and high purchasing power, it was not so hard and the rental market has always worked very well in Sitges.

In Sitgeshouses you work a lot with the national client, but one of your specialties in which you are experts is the international client. Does the Sitgeshouses customer have a specific profile or are they open to all types of clients?

Of course we have all kinds of clients, both Spanish and foreign with a wide range of budget, in Sitgeshouses you can find luxury houses and apartments near the sea, we can satisfy any client and if we do not have it, we will find it. As for the foreign client, we can serve you in 10 languages, which is very important for them and makes them feel closer.

How do you see in general terms the current Real Estate market in Sitges?

Well, there is a lot of movement of all kinds, but there always has been, when it is not Carnival, it is Holy Week, the Rally,  the Fantastic Cinema and there is no season, there is movement all year. This month of January we have broken the record of sales and rentals and it is supposed to be a low month.

You have recently transferred your headquarters from the Oasis to super design offices in the area of ​​La Bóvila la Plana, expanding your activity. What is the reason for this strategic change?

We have been in La Bóvila for almost a year and a half, we had both offices open, now they know us and customers come up to see us, it is not that far and we are very comfortable with our patio full of plants where we offer a tea or coffee to the clients, while we listen to their requests, their dreams in a much more relaxed and friendly environment.

We know that you are a Sponsor of several Associations … Can you explain a little about what it is and why?

Well now Sitgeshouses is the Sponsor of the Terramar Golf Club, the Sitges Rugby, the Nautic Club and the Jockey Patins in  Observatori Sports Center; I like to bet on sports and encourage networking in all its forms. Everything is learned, you meet new people, one thing leads to the other and I also participate in award ceremonies, business lunches, courses, etc.

In the times that we are living so convulsed with the issue of equality between women and men, in Infoguía Sitges Magazine we are pleased to have been able to interview a successful businesswoman who is also a woman.

Yes, we are all women, because that is how I want it to be, it is a different environment, we are like a group of several nationalities that enriches a lot and we love our work that we do with passion.

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